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What is all the craze with vsco girl? Stick with this article, to find out.

Stylish, fancy, flamboyant, fashionable, imaginative, radical – these are not mere words strewn together by chance, these are just some of the things that vsco stickers embody and channel with every stripe and every colorful detail.

Have you ever looked upon your bag, your notebooks, your favorite mug, your t-shirts, scrunchies, or just about any flat surface and thought to yourself: “this space deserves better”?

Well, wonder no more, because vsco stickers are printable, portable and weather-proof stickers that feature anything – we mean it, a n y t h i n g goes: from cartoon pink unicorns, fluffy animated clouds, cute and cuddly teddy bears, cosmonautic cats, stylized food to skate culture inspired, disarming one-liners, immortal quotes (“send memes”) and inspirational mottos, these stickers just won’t give up.

Pair those fashionable little monsters with the correct and aesthetically appropriate make up, the right clothes for the job and an attitude that jut won’t quit, and you will have a complete makeover in a matter of minutes.

White and black vsco stickers IS the new black

This collection of (ever-expanding) printable vsco stickers arms you with a set of high-quality, glossy and matt arsenal of personal statements about your character, your psyche, your mood and your spirit. Imagine, if you will, little “bombs of self-expression”, condensed onto portable, ever-lasting and easily transmuted upon (almost) any surface printable stickers.

Feeling rebellious? Vsco girl stickers have got you covered.

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Indeed, you may have at your disposal a vast array of wonderfully and meticulously crafted printable stickers, a plethora of cute and extravagant mini pieces of art, but you can get even more customization.

With zapheads, you can “leap the precipice” and have a go at piloting the designer’s seat yourself: this is a way to make vsco stickers with your very own, treasured and dear, selfie photos™!

Indulge in your deepest guilty pleasures, humor yourself and your friends or simply commemorate and “embalm” your most cherished memories in sticker form, to then decorate your personal belongings with them. It’s simple: snap a selfie, get a printable vsco sticker, stick it somewhere, and voila!

Stick your nose into cute vsco stickers and much, much more

5 different style VSCO stickers in a circle arrangement on a gray background

Vsco stickers are waterproof, yes, they won’t fade away, indeed, and they come with every bit of “beachy”, “e-girly” and “preppy” attitude that you would expect from these “meme-fueled”, “wonderdust-sprinkled” teenage phenomenon.

Apart from just enhancing your everyday look and attire, by boosting and elevating your accessories to even higher #instagrammable heights, vsco girl stickers offer something unique to each proud momma (and father): a taste of a fashion statement turned movement turned symbol of a new generation’s way of expressing itself.

They can be printed from the comfort of your home, allowing you to “quarantine” yourself safely inside the warm embrace of your couch.

What does VSCO stand for?

VSCO stands for Visual Supply Company, an application designed and built in the state of California in 2011 and it lets it's users to take photos/images and edit them with existing filters and various tools, offering a unique and marginally customizable experience to every user.

Users have the option of posting their photos to their profile, where they can also add captions and hashtags. Photos can also be exported back into the camera roll or shared with other social networking services.

what does vsco girl mean?

VSCO girl means a young female which uploads fashionable images of herself edited on the application VSCO.


Vsco girls are a class of their own, using the app and posting their trendy pictures to consolidate their unique aesthetic.

In their essence, VSCO girls encapsulate a fashion trend or subculture that became popular among teenagers in the summer of 2019. These fashion choices are relaxed and easygoing, and include oversized T-shirts, scrunchies, metal water bottles, Crocs, and beach-related fashion

In order to get your very own vsco stickers:

  • You first have to select and purchase your chosen cartoon, motto or photo(s). 
  • Print and cut the illustration
  • Before laminating it use sticky tape or gloss varnish.
  • Finally, tape the top of your vsco image with the clear sticky tape, paste it on double sided tapes, cut and trim.
  • Done, you can now use them and “sksksksks” whoever and whatever “oops” you. #SlayQueen
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