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Skateboards. Those sleek, slender pieces of innovation that have revolutionized not only freedom of movement, not only the world of urban sports, but have also created a completely new and unique culture, packed to the brim with its lingo and imagery.

True, they can take you from A to B (in style) – they are a vehicle, a means of transportation after all – however, they are so much more. There is a multitude of flip tricks that you can do with your board – from an Alpha Flip and a Hospital Flip to an Ollie South and a Plasma Spin, the skateboard offers so many opportunities for creative ways of expressing yourself that it is ridiculous.

You know what takes this absolutely maddening “ocean of artistic and stylistic expression” and multiplies it by A LOT? Cool skateboard stickers, that is what. The thing is, stickers have always played a large role in the skateboard culture and the aesthetic of urban freedom, taking the form of graffiti and tags. For example the popular hello my name is stickers that graffiti artists often practice on can be seen on the underside of many skateboards.

With stickers, you have an overabundant stock of images to choose from: from superheroes, movie stars and cute animals, to fractal designs, nature shots and pin-ups, the only barrier that stands before you is the limit of your imagination, so grab your board and fly over it.

Popular Styles of Skateboard Stickers

Adding stickers on skateboards is the perfect way to exhibit and showcase your own psyche, your personality and character: to demonstrate your likes and dislikes with a plethora of diverse stickers derived from a host of different genres.

Fancy an official skate brand logo imprinted upon your board, so that you can show it off whilst performing the “Shivut”? Get yourself a skate decal – a cool and trendy sticker – and slap it. If you want to see more examples check out these trendy stickers.

Are you a fan of manga and anime? Have you always yearned to “Disco Flip” with Sasuke from Naruto opening his devious Sharingan and staring at the crowd? With skateboard stickers, you can. Or, maybe, you would prefer to have some custom stickers on your board? Some pretty graffiti sketches that you created or a photo that you snapped – well, you can get your very own personalized stickers at a great many places, ready to be applied and showcased.

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Where can I get custom stickers for my skateboard?

You can get custom stickers for your skateboard at many stores that specialize specifically in stickers and skateboard stickers. From holographic, pseudo 3-D ones, to black and white and rainbow adhesive tags of wholesomeness, a simple internet search will reward your curiosity handsomely. Alternatively, many independent artists will gladly accept your custom skateboard sticker designs.

What stickers should I put on my skateboard?

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You can put many stickers on your board, depending on your preferences, your gusto, and your desire to show off your attitude and unique personality.
You can put some classic Banksy art on your board, or you can decorate it with a famous quote from Tony Hawk.

Maybe you hold Breaking Bad very dearly in your heart of hearts, and just want to say “That you are the one who knocks” to anyone that catches a glimpse of your board’s underside.

Or, you have an affinity for Magic the Gathering cards, and want your favorite plainswalker to stare at the crown while you perform a “Ghetto Bird”. Then again, if simple colorful abstract designs are the thing that attracts you the most, then by all means, go for it. Whatever you choose, remember that your board is the canvas that portrays whatever you desire, and stickers are your powerful and fantastic paints.

How can I decorate my skateboard with stickers?

You can decorate your skateboard with stickers by first searching on the internet and finding the ones that you want the most to clad your board with. Then, purchase said stickers, carefully remove the back “lid”, and slap that “sucker” upon your board.

It is highly recommended to have a basic idea of how you want to decorate your board, to pick out beforehand what decal you want to stick at each side of your board. One suggestion is to sketch your board with a blank design, and then finding the exact image you intend to get in sticker form. Now you can loosely draw the design that you want upon the sketch, to have an approximate idea of how the final result will look like!

four different skateboards with sticker on the bottom of the deck

How do you get skate brand stickers?

You can get skate brand stickers by browsing the internet and “stumbling upon” a vast array of sites that carry official skate brand stickers in their stock. With but a few clicks, you can purchase and get the, before gleefully boasting to all your friends that you are now the proud owner of some very glamorous and extremely “cash money” skateboard stickers.

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