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different color hello my name is stickers on a gray background

Hello, my name is {blank}. Such a simple sentence, such a powerful statement. A plain name tag, introducing a person, holds so much potential for characterization, customization, and personality, that it inspired a whole culture – the skate and graffiti ones (and others as well), retaining its popular status to this day.

Indeed, there is a plethora of famous graffiti artists that have used the format “hello, my name is” as a tag, incorporating of course their own specific and distinguishable personal elements to its design. This trend carried to the skateboards of many a skateboarder, who boasted the famous tagline upon their boards, showing off “mad skills” and a good taste (just ask Tony Hawk).

Well, this trend has survived and endured, finally finding a perfect vessel from which it can truly shine with a new light: introducing, hello my name is stickers. As you would come to expect by now, there is a limitless stock of very funny and personized stickers out there, and the “hello my name is stickers” are no exception to this rule.

Yes, you can go with the simple design for your very own stickers, choosing from amongst a multitude of available colors and frames. Or, inversely, you could order some custom hello my name is stickers, creating the perfect border within which you will enclose your name, your surname, your nickname – your identity.

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A great many gags in sticker form

“Hello, my name is HE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED”. This can be proudly presented on your laptop, your notebooks or even your car’s rear end, signifying to everybody that you are an enormous “Potterhead” (and that you are not to be messed with).

“Hello, my name is SINGLE” is another classic one, alluding to the ever-present question: to be single and ready to mingle, or to settle and “hang” that feisty mettle?

You can never go wrong with some dad jokes, as the “hello hungry, my name is DAD” is the perfect answer to every hungry child’s provocative statement.

Of course, the beautiful thing with this specific batch of stickers, is that YOU can oversee designing and customizing them in any way you see fit – you pilot this ship, captain. So, again, mix and match is strongly recommended, because we all need some innovation and creative freedom in our lives! With hello my name stickers, this freedom is at the tip of your fingertips.

The history behind hello my name is stickers in graffiti

3 different color hello my name is stickers on a gray background

Hello my name is stickers have gathered a huge following since their initial inception in 1959, when they were introduced by C-Line Products.

Even at that time, many graffiti artists adopted this simple yet effective way of telling the world “this is me, this is who I am” and embellished it with their own unique styles, creating the famous “tags” that can be spotted in urban environments all around the world.

Regarding stickers, however, it is easy to recreate these famous tags (or even “birth” your own custom result), by purchasing and using a plethora of different stickers as frames that surround your hello my name is stickers – this is called bombing stickers, the act of putting together many different adhesive tags one atop of another. By simply using the method of sticker slap, you can generate a new and never-seen-before piece of art, truly special and irreplaceable to you.

Where can I get hello my name is stickers?

You can get your hello my name is stickers from a great deal of places, most of which can be accessed online. You can browse the “hefty” stocks of online hello my name is stickers of sites that specifically specialize in stickers, or you can even find some underground freelance artists who can take your commission.

Whether you prefer the colorfully decorated frames of your stickers heavily customized, there is something for everyone in the magical gluey world of gluey labels! In short: Are graffiti stickers blank canvases upon which you can freely express yourself? A most resounding and thunderous, y e s.

Who was the first person to use hello my name is stickers?

The first person to use hello my name is stickers was none other than… (drum roll)…the Roman Emperor Nero himself!

Well, to be more specific, he was responsible for designing name tags in 34 anno domini as a form of punishment and swift retribution against crimes. In detail, criminals such as murderers and other vagabonds were forced BY LAW to display and exhibit to everyone their names, which they bore on their tunics.

This way, the Roman society could identify and condemn them (and their families, and their house, and their cows), with the culprits’ family names forever stricken in dishonor and shame.

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