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Fresh, stylish, unique and refreshingly innovative - wave stickers have started a “wave” of their own globally, gaining more and more fellow admirers of their ferocious and raw beauty.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves, so let’s dial it back a bit. 70% of planet Earth is water - that’s right, the human cities and hamlets, railways and aerodromes and all of human life exists within 30% of the planet’s surface. Water is antediluvian, it is ancient, nourishing and an eternal source of life, being responsible for the unending cycle of nature itself.

From the modest serpentine creek and the silver pond, to the mighty azure ocean and the roaring waterfall, humans are instinctively drawn to bodies of water of every shape and size: they have once risen from them, you see. Whether it is the expanding shores of a golden beachfront or the metallic lakes swirling in a downpour, humans have always been fascinated with water and all its qualities.

However, nothing quite captures the imagination than the torrential and unbridled strength of waves, waves crashing upon a lonely sandbar or playfully “licking” the dockyard of a busy port. Now, you can also experience this natural power with wave stickers - small adhesive tags that channel the duality of waves with unparalleled finesse.

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We, people, are drawn to waves and water in general due to our genetic makeup, our ancestral biological heritage, and our instinctive need to be around and use water in our everyday life.

Water provides sustenance, energy, life - waves, on the other hand, are a
mystifyingly powerful force of nature that captures the imagination but also triggers something primal and long forgotten inside of us: the echo of humans living and coexisting with nature.

Waves can be soothing and tranquil, melodical even, or they can be ferocious, unyielding and remorseless, just like the treacherous sea from which they come.

Humans have always been drawn to them, and wave stickers are no exception to this rule: can you picture a serene shore, somberly caressed by aquatic strands of sea depicted upon your walls? With wave stickers, you can get your favorite water-themed design and apply it directly to anything: from your laptop and your smartphone to your car and even your bedroom walls.

What Is The Most Popular Wave Sticker?

A beautiful coast “courted” by waves, a hot summer day at a sandy beach, with the waves “dancing” to and fro at the distance - these are two examples of popular wave sticker designs that people usually get for their laptop or wall.

However, there is one famous depiction of a body of water that “gets the cake”: The Great Wave off Kanagawa. Also known as The Great Wave, this Berlin blue pigment woodblock print is made by the Japanese ukiyo-e artist Hokusai. It was published sometime between 1829 and 1833 in the late Edo period and is widely known as one of the most influential pieces of Japanese art.

The Great Wave off Kanagawa is a staple among sticker enthusiasts who want this majestic body of water accompanying them in their everyday life, with its vibrant colors and instantly
recognizable art style.

Where Should You Put Your Wave Stickers?

You can put your wave stickers anywhere you like, from your devices (eg laptop, smartphone, PC) and your vehicles (bike, car’s rear end, motorbike’s body) to your waterskins and even the interior of your house!

Being usually large in size (although this is not the rule), wave stickers tend to look better as dioramas for centerpieces resting on the walls of your living room or bedroom, where they can dazzle and stun everyone with their primal beauty!

Where can I get a wave sticker for the wall?

You can get a wave sticker for your wall online, as many artists and retailers carry wave sticker products in their stock. Simply “surf” the net for a while and find the wave concept that you wish - make sure to have a grasp of the details (such as the dimensions and colors) for your sticker, as that will make the search exponentially easier.

After you find the sticker design that speaks to your heart, order it, and voila!

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