How To Remove Laptop Stickers Without Damaging The Laptop Or The Stickers

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Is it possible to remove stickers from your laptop without damaging the laptop itself or the
coveted, oh so precious stickers that adorn its exterior?

Indeed it is, and not only that, but there is a plethora of different methods to achieve this!

Of course, before taking any hasty actions, make sure that you are absolutely sure that you want to remove said stickers, especially in the case of a license key, a warranty seal or a graphics denoter sticker, as you may want to sell this laptop later on.

Now, laptops love stickers - and stickers love laptops, that is just the way things are.

Whether we are talking about serial number indicators, activation code tags, promotional badges or, most commonly, the multitude of fun stickers that people usually cover their electronic devices with, laptops, notebooks and Macbooks and PCs alike are like magnets to stickers.

However, sometimes, stickers get wear damage, get discolored, become old or just phased out - when the time comes for your laptop to “move on” and “dress” itself with different stickers, you must be aware of some trouble free methods and solutions with which to tackle not only the act of removing the stickers themselves, but also any leftover residue that will inevitably cling on the surface.

Of course, it is highly encouraged to check with your laptop manufacturer before applying any of the recommended methods, as each model has its unique design and specific characteristics.

At the end of the line, the method on how to remove stickers without damaging them is left entirely up to you and your personal needs to tackle the problem at hand!

4 different stickers on laptops
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3 Ways To Remove A Laptop Sticker Without Damaging Either

Method 1: Oil and Oil-Based Products

If you are looking for a more natural approach to removing stickers from your laptop, without damaging the device OR the stickers in the process, you can start with oil and oil-based products.

From lotion and vegetable oil to olive oil and petroleum jelly, as long as there is oil in the mix, you can use it.

Grab your chosen “weapon” and apply some of the liquid to a sponge or old rag, letting the fabric absorb some of it.

Then, gently and with delicate strokes, moisturize the target sticker area (making sure to focus the liquid only there and not allowing it to come into contact with other parts of the laptop, such as crevices or gaps).

After letting the stickers soak for 15 or so minutes, try to peel them off, at first with your fingernails, by grabbing them from under the edges and pulling gently.

If you are met with resistance or you perceive that you will be left with unwanted residue, leave the stickers be and apply the oil-based product again, before trying again in another 15 minutes.

You can also use a dull knife or plastic spoon to scrape off the sticker and its leftover residue. Bear in mind however that oil works best with paper stocks and not waterproof stickers, which will require a different approach.

After you successfully remove the stickers, alongside with any residue, wipe the “remedied area” with a completely clean piece of cloth, so as to prevent any “oily footprints” on your laptop.

Method 2: Solvents and Other Chemical Solutions

How to remove stickers from laptop for reuse?

This is a question that solvents can answer with ease - from vinegar, rubbing alcohol and mineral spirits to the famous WD-40 and other products specifically designed for this job, solvents are here to “destroy” residue and adhesive bonds, leaving your laptop sparkling and clean.

If you are unable to purchase one of the named products, try your hand at vinegar or rubbing alcohol at first.

To begin with, again, procure a piece of cloth or fabric and dip one side of it with the liquid, before wiping the sticker’s area. Make sure to avoid getting the solvent to your laptop’s river holes and built-in speakers, so as to prevent any long-lasting damage that could be inflicted.

After leaving the sticker (or the residue) for a good 10 minutes, try peeling off the sticker with a dull razor or knife, carefully avoiding damaging or scratching your laptop’s surface. Finally, wipe any leftover solvent with a clean cloth.

Method 3:Abrasives and Mineral-Based Products

Did you know that toothpaste can be used to keep your teeth AND laptop clean and fresh?

That’s because toothpaste, alongside baking soda and even sandpaper are abrasive materials (albeit, mild), that through the power of friction can remove even the most stubborn sticker residue.

Try mixing hot water with some baking soda, before letting a sponge absorb some of the mix and applying it on the target area and finally cleaning it all with a clean piece of cloth.

Although highly potent, abrasive materials can be rather precarious when used with excessive force, so be extra careful when using them lest you end up damaging your laptop. It is also worth noting that, unlike the oil-based products, which can remove the sticker intact (with the sticker then able to be used again later on), abrasive materials miniaturize the adhesive bonds linking the sticker with the laptop to a very diminutive state, a process that leaves them crumbled and unfit for re-sticking.

How To Get Rid Of Any Leftover Sticker Residue / Adhesive

cute laptop stickers on a gray background

You can get rid of any left over sticker residue and the adhesive substance left behind after removing a sticker from your laptop with many different methods, both natural and chemical, from oil-based products to powerful solvents.

Upon identifying your specific sticker problem, at first, try using the more natural and generally accessible solutions first, before trying the “big guns” - this way you won’t have to spend money on products and methods that could yield the same results as a simple application of the hairdryer or some toothpaste.

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