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Orienting one’s life is not only important to his/her wellbeing, it is instrumental for one’s survival in this uncertain chaos we call life. Dostoevsky, the great Russian writer, once said that “the ultimate way to destroy one’s life is to prove that his toils are for naught”.

The toils and works of men are the things that keep them going strong - their dreams, aspirations, drives, goals and desires, the need to have a purpose, to accomplish something, is universally true and applicable, and at its core, 100% human.

Productivity is much more than a concept for humans - it is fuel, quenching their thirst for progress, innovation and constant development.

To achieve such a state, proper planning, organizing and outlining is required - something that can be easily actualized through the use of planner stickers. That’s right, the euphoria of success and the feeling of plenitude can be narrowed down to careful and methodical planning, which in turn is possible with something as simple as planner stickers.

Turn Photos into Custom Drawn Stickers
Turn Photos into Custom Drawn Stickers
Turn Photos into Custom Drawn Stickers
Turn Photos into Custom Drawn Stickers
Turn Photos into Custom Drawn Stickers
Turn Photos into Custom Drawn Stickers
Turn Photos into Custom Drawn Stickers
Turn Photos into Custom Drawn Stickers
Turn Photos into Custom Drawn Stickers
Turn Photos into Custom Drawn Stickers
Turn Photos into Custom Drawn Stickers
Turn Photos into Custom Drawn Stickers
Turn Photos into Custom Drawn Stickers
Turn Photos into Custom Drawn Stickers
Turn Photos into Custom Drawn Stickers
Turn Photos into Custom Drawn Stickers

Turn Photos into Custom Drawn Stickers

We are professional artists who love creating unique, one of a kind stickers.  The process is Simple! Choose your preferred options above, upload your photo, leave us a note and let us do the rest!   

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*Sticker Style - Add notes for the designer if you want something specific, otherwise let them be creative with your photo and text. 

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*Sticker Examples :

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How To Use Planner Stickers

“Sic Parvis Magna”: Greatness from small beginnings, wrote sir Francis Drake once in his diary, and this exact quote fits planner stickers to a “T”.

Planning your daily tasks and demands, defining your free time and working on achieving certain goals is what makes up for a successful career and overall life
: organizing the chaos in your life, one step at a time.

Planner stickers may seem subtle at the first glance, however, they carry with them a fiercely powerful gift - potentiality.

Planner stickers are adhesive tags with colorful designs and beautiful borders that deliberately leave a lot of blank space for you to fill: they can be used as reminders for something urgent, an important date, a deadline or top priority task. They can be used in conjunction with your diary and calendar in order to fully make the best out of your hours, your days and your years.

Organizing The Chaos Of Routine With Stickers

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You can browse the available stocks of planner stickers online, choose the ones that best fit your program and style, and order them.

Do not be parsimonious with your planner stickers - their use is to provide a constant reminder for what’s important to you, and as such, they are a tool and a resource - use them.

Of course, that does not mean that they need to be bare and boring - on the contrary, planner stickers can and should reflect your psyche, your personality traits and your favorite concepts.

Illustrating your organization tools with imagery that is both meaningful and inspiring to you only strengthens the potency of what you are trying to achieve in a day to day basis.

How To Come Up With A System That Works For You

Coming up with an organizing system that works for you is both exciting and challenging. With planner stickers, the “challenging” part of the equation is remedied, leaving only the “exciting” part!

To begin with, come up with a battle plan:
Use planner stickers to map your next month, denote important and exciting days with special ones and be mindful of especially burdensome days.

Color coded planner stickers are an excellent idea to keep track of what’s what: for example, you can use red color coded stickers to define urgency, blue for past time activities, yellow for work related stuff and so on.

Try coming up with a cohesive and easy to follow system to plan out your weeks and months, using reminder stickers to keep you focused and on track.

Once you accomplish this first schematic, stick to it.

Learn to adapt and upgrade it, of course, but try to keep it unified, as regular alterations and corrections can easily be followed by excuses for not “sticking to the plan”.

Where Can I Buy Stickers For My Planner?

You can buy stickers for your planner at many online stores and sites that carry stickers and deal exclusively in them.

The first step is a good ol’ fashioned product research - surf the net, browse the online stock for any planner stickers that catch your attention and fit the stylistic and pragmatic dimensions of your ideal organizing tool.

Once you have a grasp of what you want, order some - do not be afraid to order in bulk, as planner stickers seldom fail to find use. Upon getting them, you are ready to “carpe those dies” - stick them to your diary use them as sticky notes, apply them on your laptop to remind yourself of urgent tasks, their use is only limited by your imagination.

How To Make Planner Stickers

You can make planner stickers inside the sanctuary of your home, using several methods and techniques. Sure, you can get planner stickers that are tailored exactly for this purpose.

However, there is nothing stopping you from creating your very own planner stickers, either from scratch or from using other stickers in a collage! First of all, you need to brainstorm some rough ideas of how you want your planner stickers to come out.

Do you want them to act as reminders?
Do you want them to have the word (eg URGENT) written explicitly on them, or do you want a picture of a briefcase to help you remember that you have an important appointment?

Once you sort out those details, make sure you know if you want ink or laser printed stickers, before moving on to images and sticker designs. Once all of these are accounted for, you can move on to designing the stickers themselves - there are many great online softwares to help you achieve this.

Once done, simply print the planner stickers, and get some sticker paper to finish to act as base for the sticker designs. You could make your own adhesive substance but that’s too much work.

Alternatively, for even less hustle, you can purchase a lot of other stickers from online shopsand use them with pieces of paper and sticky notes as makeshift planner stickers - for example, get a sticker showing a kettle and apply it on your calendar on each hour zone that you are going to cook.

Simple things like these go a long way in putting in order your daily routine, while at the same time adding some much needed variety and light-hearted spirit.

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