Why meme stickers are going to dominate 2020

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Internet is a fickle god of dankness – it giveth memes, and it taketh memes away with equal disdain and apathy. This is why you need to immortalize the internet’s history of humor and abstract nonsense in sticker form: be the meme chronicler you were meant to be, and earn that sweet spot on the (iron) throne of meme culture.

More than just a simple conduit for nonsensical internet trivia, memes are a major source of character, personality and expression – they involve as much cerebral activity (form the meme and reference something topical and smart) as they tickle that specific artistic artery within each and every one of us (create and distribute the meme).

Meme culture, despite all its glorious, random, incoherent and oftentimes outright crazy characterization, is a process that involves the combination and use of the right elements and tools to invoke a feeling of unmatched flavor. Wit, humor, the right dosage of dankness, healthy amounts of Coffin Dancers and unending Star Wars prequel memes – the tapestry of funny internet memes can now be captured in internet meme stickers.

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You are unique: this is undeniable, unquestionable truth. Therefore, your sense of humor is also unique, an exquisitely crafted and meticulously revved-up engine, an engine that requires constant fuel in order to keep on trucking. With stickers, you have at your disposal a nigh-infinite array of “different fuels” to fill, fulfill, and ignite your humor, and through it, your personality.

Fun is what good memories are built of, so why not purchase, and print your very own “socially awkward penguin” for your fave mug? Or, maybe, you have a taste for the classics, and all you ever craved were some good ol’ “rage commics” (megusta, anyone?) to decorate your laptop and room. How about Leonardo DiCaprio pointing at a TV, with your own tagline underneath? Maybe the ungodly amount of Spongebob internet memes are something up your alley – no matter the meme, you can “sticker it up”.

Love meme stickers to send to your girlfriend

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Fun is…well, fun and all, but love is a whole new beast. Memes and love? Hearts and butts? How can a still frame with Tom (the cat) reading a newspaper can be used to capture your girlfriend’s attention, interest, and even imprison her heart?

Well, with meme sticker packs you can express your humor in an easy and out-there way. Finding what your loved one finds hilarious is Step 1. Step 2 is getting that BIG CHUNGUS in sticker form and gifting it to them when least expected. Step 3 is always ??? and Step 4 is profit.

Now you are thinking with (meme) portals, and once you dabble in the fantastically mad meme vocabulary, there is no going back. Knowing your partner’s favorite version of Kermit sipping tea is none of my business, of course, but it sure as all hell must be your top priority. After getting your very own funny stickers, your inner success kid will clench that metaphorical fist. Their price, I hear you say. Well, let us just put it that way: it is (almost) free real estate.

Where can I buy dank meme stickers online?

You can buy dank meme stickers from various sites and independent artists online. With a simple internet search, you can navigate through various sites that have huge stocks of only the dankest of meme stickers, where you can buy them in bulk or separately. We always recommend in bulk – you never know when you will absolutely require that Batman slapping Robin meme template, so grab some stickers, just in case.

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