Create Your Very Own Personal Ocean With Fish Stickers

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The sea: an awe-inspiring body of water that has been an integral part of human biology, history and philosophy.Humans originate from the antediluvian oceans of Pangea, when continents were still melded into one.

From art and science to philosophy and explorations, the ocean and all its inhabitants have fascinated the human mind for eons.

It can be cruel and unforgiving, in the sense of stormy seas and crashing waves, and it can be soothing and tranquil - just like its most populous inhabitant: the fish.

Kids adore the ocean and its rich contents, and there are many representations of it that have captured their imagination: from Disney’s Finding Nemo to Pixar’s Shark Tail, there ane manga, animations, movies, songs, cartoons and books that educate them about the oceans and the marine animals that live inside.

Now, you can “dip your tail” in some of that magnificent fish magic with fish stickers!


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Add Some Ocean Magic To Your Life

4 differenty style fish stickers

However, apart from the cultural products that portray fish and the sea, there is a rich historic tradition in many cultures that “paints” fish in different ways: we have the beautiful Koi fish in Japan, swimming gracefully and dancing in shimmering light.

We have the story of the great Leviathan, devourer of worlds, that has sparred with many Norse Gods in Scandinavian sagas.

The ancient Greek amphorae with the black and red fish designs, the eastern fish “fractals” on frescoes, the paintings of great Renaissance artists - the list goes on and on.

With fish stickers, the possibilities are as endless as the world’s seas themselves - fancy a playful iridescent trout speeding through Venice’s water canals in sticker form, proudly displayed on your laptop?

Or maybe a fish sticker featuring a school of cods, twirling their tails in exuberant enthusiasm.

Aquariums - Endless Fascination For kids And Adults

An aquarium is actually a marine zoo, a place where people can watch sea animals in microcosms of their natural habitats.

Here people can witness a shark swimming menacingly through a forest of anemones, a pair of barracuda lazily trudging amongst a crowd of mahi mahi, rare colorful and exotic fish from all the corners of the globe swimming and going about their business.

The endless fascination that aquariums offer kids and adults alike can be captured by fish stickers: the tiny adhesive tags can feature designs of various aquarium marine creatures, such:

  • Octopus
  • Squids
  • Fish

Finding Nemo Making Tropical Fish Popular

Disney’s Finding Nemo has made tropical fish quite popular again - and how could it not, as the stripped and majestic clown fish possesses vibrant and exotic colors that catch the eye.

If you are a fan of Nemo and his dad’s various exciting adventures, then fish stickers won’t disappoint you - you will find many designs featuring the pair!

Koi Fish Stickers - A deeper meaning

Koi fish are a type of Japanese carp.

Their scientific name is Cyprinus rubrofuscus and Koi varieties are known by their patterns, their coloration and the vibrant patterns they possess.

Some of the major colors are: 

  • White
  • Scarlet
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Ebon
  • Azure

One of the most popular categories of koi is the Gosanke Koi.

It is known that the Japanese take koi breeding very seriously, and they hold regular competitions to find out what koi breed is the most beautiful, healthy, and in possession of the best colors.

Koi fish are linked to good luck and fortune in Japanese culture, and they are considered a good luck charm by many. You can find plenty of koi fish designs in fish stickers, so make sure to have a look to find the ones you love most!

Where Can I Get Fish Stickers From?

You can get fish stickers online, as various retailers sell fish stickers and other animal stickers for low prices.

Upon picking the ones you desire and ordering them, you can get and apply them:

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  • Laptops
  • Smartphones
  • Walls
  • Cars
  • Bikes
  • You name it :)

As always, enhancing your personal space with imaginative fish stickers gives the impression that you are living inside clear and mystifying waters - a perfect way to spice up your life!

Turn your Photos into Custom Stickers

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Turn your Photos into Custom Stickers

Over 5000+ Happy Customers

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