What's The Difference Between Die Cut and Kiss Cut Stickers

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The difference between kiss cut and die cut stickers is quite simple, yet instrumental in their use: whilst kiss cut stickers come intact within their frame backing (meaning that they “float” in a lot of adhesive space), die cut stickers are specifically laser removed and cut to shape, which means less (or, often, none) backing space.

Indeed, the major distinction between these two popular sticker options is the way the sticker is processed and, in turn, packaged.

The way a Die Cut sticker is completely cut leaves the custom shape and design of the stickers “upfront”, lending itself to larger sizes and oftentimes, more detail.

Kiss Cut stickers are also digitally printed and laser cut, however, their framing method makes them able to hold multiple stickers all at once.

Both Die Cut and Kiss Cut stickers are oftentimes digitally printed on white polypropylene, which is a durable frame that you can stick on almost any surface. With a gloss or matte finish, and with a variety of different colorful designs, Die Cut and Kiss Cut stickers can be ultimately used for the same reasons!

In fact, if you were to print the same design on a Die Cut sticker or a Kiss Cut sticker, when you peeled them off, both stickers would look the same. Their use, on the other hand, can be quite different.

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What Are Die Cut Stickers

Die cut stickers come pre laser-cut to their specific shape and border, a method that usually favors bigger stickers ideal for wall decorations. While die cut stickers may prove harder to transport without bending or damaging the design (due to their custom-made shape), they do compliment larger sticker designs, allowing for more detail and flexibility.

The term “die cut sticker” is actually a misnomer.

Stickers owe this title to the metal dies that were used for the fabrication of stickers, that were so expensive at the time, that manufactures used to offer almost exclusively stock sticker shapes that were made with pre-made dies.

Nowadays, manufacturers make use of laser methods to cut the adhesive tags, yet still use the term “die cut” affectionately.

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What Are Kiss Cut Stickers

Kiss cut stickers are packaged alongside their backing space, usually meaning that more stickers can fit inside each sheet. Just like die cut stickers, they are also digitally printed and laser cut, however, their framing technique favors easier transportation.

This blank space circling the stickers can be cut in different ways, giving space to some customization and creativity. Kiss cut stickers are also generally easier to peel and offer more in the sense that you are left with leftover (albeit blank) adhesive tags!

What Is The Difference Between Die Cut And Kiss Cut?

showing the difference between kiss cut and die cut stickers

The difference between a die cut and a kiss cut is that the die cut method laser-cuts the backing space of a sticker to its exact shape while the kiss cut method leaves the “sticky background” intact.

In other words, while the frame in die cut stickers “traces” the borders of the sticker design itself, the frame in kiss cut stickers are usually a rectangular sheet which features a plethora of stickers inside.

Both cutting methods, however, can be printed on many different materials, making the right infusion of sticker material, cutting method and design instrumental to finding the right tool for the job.

What Is A Kiss Cut In Printing? 

A kiss cut in printing cuts through the peel-off vinyl material but not through the backing material. Examples include stickers that are packed together in a single sheet of adhesive paper.

You can find printable kiss cut and die cut sticker designs in a great many online sites and individual retailers, choosing from a vast array of colorful (or not!) designs and purchasing your laptop’s, your bike’s and your car’s new accessory in no time.

What Is A Kiss Cut Single

Kiss cut singles are sheets containing a single sticker cut only through the vinyl, which means that the paper backing remains intact. In other words, a kiss cut single is a solitary sticker inside a (usually) rectangular framing, which you can cut and customize however you desire.

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